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Pavement Joint Repair

Construction joints in new and existing concrete and asphalt pavements require sealing to protect the structure from water ingress, allows expansion and contraction and protection against chemical induced damage from fuel spillages and de-icers.

Working collaboratively with our Clients, we deliver bespoke solutions to pavement joint saw cutting and sealing, ensuring that the lifecycle of the pavement structure is maximised.

Our experienced and highly skilled employees, coupled with our state-of-the-art joint sealing equipment, guarantees a quality product.

Whether you require renewal of existing/defective joint sealant or saw cutting and sealing of new concrete or asphalt pavements joints, we have the solution for you. Our powerful saws and computer-controlled sealing applicators seal with hot or cold pour joint sealants.

The specialist joint sealant materials include;

  • Ultra-seal 45 & 60 (over banding)
  • Ultra-Band (fill and over band)
  • Joint sealant N1 & N2
  • Maxi-crete H grade (deep crack repair)
  • Maxi-flex 50 & 100 (high performance joint repairs)
  • Armour-Joint (bridge deck plug joint system)
  • Thioflex 555 & 600

If you would like to discuss your joint sealing requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our central head office locations in the UK and Ireland allows us to undertake free of charge site visits and provide reactive maintenance works at very short notice.

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